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What our Customers say about our Database Products:

"[ZipInfo] provides quality programs and databases at bargain prices, with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee on all products, including the database products. We use - and recommend their SDK Developer’s kit, to any developer, as a must-have tool for applications that require the USPS CASS Coding accuracy SDK brings to the table. Implemented in either individual or batch processing mode, it’s fast, easy and impressive."
- Geoffrey Hollander, N.W. Database Services, Lake Oswego, OR

"I have successfully downloaded and tested the ordered [ZIPList5] files. They are exactly as advertised, and exactly what I needed. The download and all directions were clear, concise and easy to execute. All in all a great ordering experience. We will review our sales reps needs and will order more soon. In the meantime I have sent your HTTP address to some associates here at Xerox . Hope you get more orders from them also."

- Diane Mogray, US Sales Operations Manager, Xerox Engineering Systems, Xerox Corporation, East Rochester, NY

"I have downloaded the [ZIPList5] zipcode database and completed the project that I was working on. You saved me hours of work, Thanks!"

- David Miller, Marysville, PA

"This message is to let you know that I have downloaded my electronic copy of ZIPList5.

I had been looking for a general range of the ZIP codes for Virginia and then a breakdown of the specific ZIP codes for three counties in the state. I was quite surprised that this information was not readily available. Using ZIP code data from a GIS program, I obtained the information, but it was out-of-date. In contacting the U.S. Postal Service, I encountered problem after problem. Eventually, I found that I could order ZIP code information from the Postal Service for "only" $500!

When I came across your website, I hoped that my search had ended. It had! Your ZIPList5 dataset was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks so much for offering this service."

Billy Kinsey, Jr., Senior Research Associate, The Virginia Center for Urban Development Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

"I have successfully downloaded the [ZIPList5] files I ordered. Thanks. I only had a few minutes to look at them but everything seems to be as expected.

However, I am still trying to figure out how you can offer this product for $30 while other companies I looked at were selling essentially identical products for $200 to $500."

- Gary Stanford

"In comparison, your ZIPList Plus data is definitely cleaner than the data we received from [name of competing company]."

- Brian Surkan, Allaire Corp., Cambridge, MA

"Just got your message with the [ZIPList5] file I crave. Nothing like beating your customer's expectations by a factor of 10!

- Alan Zenk, American Plastic Exchange, Minneapolis, MN

"It [ZIPList5 Plus] is perfect. I imported it into a DBF and was able to calculate the correct times for all our clients already. Thanks again!

- Tim Creagh, San Diego, CA

"Thank you for the easy instructions! We will be signing up for the annual subscription [ZIPList5 Medical MSA] soon.

- Cindy Ring, Servicemaster, Downers Grove, IL

"I have successfully downloaded and installed the enterprise version of the ZIPList5. I look forward to your updates."

- Linda Decovich, Autodesk, San Rafael, CA

"I have downloaded the [ZIPList5] file and everything looks great. Thanks."

- Andy M. Arthur, Blitz Research, Raleigh, NC

"I have successfully downloaded your [ZIPList5] product. It's exactly what I wanted. Great service too."

- Greg Wiles, Medical Savings Insurance Company, Indianapolis, IN

"I was able to pull down the ZIPList5 file. It works great. Thanks very much."

- Mark Camp, Meyer & Johnson, Dallas, TX

"I received the [ZIPList5] file - works great. Thanks much."

- Ron Abraham, Ronald Abraham, CPA, Cedar Falls, IA

"I downloaded the update for ZIPList5 in Access format - thank you very much! If you could make a note to contact me again next summer, to remind me to purchase another update, that would be wonderful. Thanks!"

- Angela J.R. Jones, Apex Consulting Group, Northbrook, IL

"OK. I got it [ZIPList5 Plus] just fine. ...I did a quick check of the data. It looks good. Great value!

- Ron Kossik, Enforcer Technology, West Allis, WI

"I wanted to thank you again. I have successfully created an Access database of the data and it will serve us well."

Tim Longcor, Cone Drive Textron, Traverse City, MI

"Today I purchased your ZIPList5 and find it a very good reference tool."

- Jeff Elie, Sydenham Publishing, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

"Your product was exactly what I needed. "

- Brian D. Basura, Digital Equipment Corp. - MCS Unit Manager, Woodland Hills, CA

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What our Customers say about our Windows Programs!

"I received the [Perfect Address Software Developer's Kit] software. I am really impressed with it."
- Don Zocchi, Zocchi Systems, Beaverton, OR

"...Most of our orders come to Australia from the USA and sometimes people just don't write clearly. USA UNZIPPED [now called Perfect Address] has saved us many times. Thanks!"

Erle Montaigue, MTG Publishing, Murwillumbah, Australia

"Remarkably good system [USA UNZIPPED, now called Perfect Address]"

- Charlie Ball, AMMV, Cape Coral, FL

"We have been working with your USA UNZIPPED [now called Perfect Address] CD-ROM and so far it seems great!"

- Keri Cook

"I recently received the USA UNZIPPED [now called Perfect Address] update and want to compliment ZipInfo.com on this upgrade. The ability to export the address in a coma-delimited format has been a great aid. Overall the interface has been greatly improved.

I am impressed and will be ordering updates in the future. Congratulations."

- Richard Hayden, Citrus Heights, CA

"I purchased USA UNZIPPED [now called Perfect Address] and use it daily. It's great!!"

- Frank Athis, Laguna Beach, CA

"Congratulations - This is the finest, most useful program [USA UNZIPPED, now called Perfect Address] I have ever worked with."

- Charles E. Davis, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thanks--- Great program [USA UNZIPPED, now called Perfect Address]. I have been playing with it since I got it."

- Jim Hale, Willits, California

"I am very satisfied with my USA UNZIPPED [now called Perfect Address]. Excellent product. Thank you."

- James O. Hale, United Group Insurance Co., Oklahoma City, OK

"USA UNZIPPED [now called Perfect Address] does EVERYTHING I wanted it to, and then some. It works great for my finding lost people/addresses, for my Adoption Searches. Thanks a million."

- Mike McQuary, Fairbanks, AK

" I purchase your [USA UNZIPPED, now called Perfect Address] product and it is the greatest.

- Joel R. Bickhart, Bellevue, Ohio

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What our Customers say about us!

"I received your message and successfully downloaded and accessed your product. Thank you very much. Your Internet sales system is very impressive. When I found a problem and needed zip code data I was able to find your site, order the product, download the product and solve my problem in less than 4 hours. I'm very impressed with your service.
- Steven Conway, Audubon Institute, New Orleans, LA

"Thank you for your prompt response to my order. I have downloaded the [ZIPList5] file successfully."

- Calvin Lee, Locus Group, Redlands, CA

"Thanks for the quick reply. That's refreshing. Too many web sites and email ID's are for show-only. Nice job!

I passed the information on to my client this morning. They will discuss it at Monday's staff mtg and I'm sure we'll pick up a copy.

I know this is a tiny order to you folks, but your great customer service has turned me into an on-the-street advertisement for you and your products. Hope I can send some more business your way. I like dealing with you."

- Ken Gottry

"Thank you for forwarding this [download information for ZIPList5] to me. I forgot to change my settings in Netscape to my new email. I appreciate the conscientious effort you have put behind your product.

"I hope the product performs half as well as the people behind it."

- Brian Lareau, Magellan, Inc., Farmington Hills, MI

"Thank you for your effort in fulfilling the request/order."

- Steve Wesclitz, Winston & Stran, Chicago, IL

"This is to let you know that I have successfully downloaded the ZIPList5 Gold. Thanks so much for your prompt response to my order!"

- Susan Roggenkamp, Dept. of Health Admin. Medical College of VA Campus. VA Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

"It was a pleasure to do business with you! "

- Maureen Swan, Bell Atlantic, Maple Wood, NJ

"Thank you VERY MUCH for your careful attention to my order. I accessed your web page and downloaded the file [ZIPList5] successfully."

- John Enghofer, Coatesville, PA

"Thank You for your fast turn-around of ZIPList5. We have successfully downloaded ZIPList5 and it was exactly what we needed. Thank You."

- Richard Guilmette, First Choice Consulting, Wichita, KS

"I would like to take the time to thank you for your help over the last few weeks... I am also very impressed at the promptness with which you answered my e-mail inquiries. I purchased a PC specifically to develop my application, and have been wading through a quagmire of software companies trying to patch together something that works for me. Your company has been by far the easiest and most responsive one to deal with. I wish you the best of luck in marketing your [Perfect Address] product.

Thank you again for your help."

- William A. Kast, Aurora, Colorado

"Thank you for the notice that the ZIPLIST5 update is available. I have already downloaded the data to our files and will pass it along to those who use it. Your excellent service is greatly appreciated, and I hope you will have a FANTASTIC day!"

- Richard Haffey, Vickers, Inc., Troy, MI

"Downloaded my copy of ZIPList 5 Plus successfully this afternoon. Thanks for your help and quick response."

- Rick Nigels, Office Equipment Wholesale, Inc., Charleston, SC

"I just downloaded the ZIPList5 and printed the documentation. Thank you for your prompt response."

- Phillip Bishop, Equity Solutions, Inc., Qoodbridge, VA

"I've successfully downloaded the [ZIPList5] file. Thank you for your expediency."

- Marzella Stone, Medical College of Georgia, Marcha, GA

"Thanks for the timely response. I appreciate it greatly when companies respond as quickly as you have. I will keep this in mind as I will most likely be purchasing more products from you in the future.

- Eric Tobias, Englewood, CO

"Thank you very much for processing my order so quickly. It has saved us so much time for the project we are currently working on. Thank you.

- Amanda Martin, Richard Stockton College of NJ, Pomona, NJ

"I have successfully downloaded the ZIPList5 files you sent yesterday. Thank you very much for your quick service!

- Ann Lyman, Institute of Real Estate Management, Chicago, IL

"Herzlichen Dank fur Ihren sehr netten Brief und die schnelle Bearbeitung meiner Anfrage.

Die beiden Dateien sind hier angekommen und haben den langen Weg unbeschadet ueberstanden. Sollte ich wieder einmal Daten benoetigen, werde ich sicher an Sie denken.

Thank you very much and have a nice day."

- Markus Mittendorf, AT&T Communications Services GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

"Thank you for your product...Download was successful...Things were easy and enjoyed convenience of download... Thanks"

- J.T. Price, Relocation Resources, Norwell, MA

"I knew there was a reason I keep trading with ZipInfo.com...it's because it's an honorable company. I had long since forgotten that I overpaid my last USA UNZIPPED [now called Perfect Address] purchase. I'm impressed and appreciative that you folks keep such accurate, and honest records.

I will continue to deal with your company because I am loyal to people who are loyal to me. Thanks again for your fine attention to detail. I deal with a large amount of companies and individuals and will NO hesitancy in recommending you folks to them."

A.D. Vinikour, Vinikour Communications, Farmington Hills, MI

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