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5-digit ZIP code ASCII cross-reference database with city, state, area code, county name, county FIPS code, and ZIP code type information for the entire USA!

Download ZIP code, city, state, area code, county, county FIPS code, and ZIP code type information immediately!

This database file lists every active ZIP code currently defined by the US Postal Service for the entire USA. It includes both preferred and approved ("alias") city names, county names, county FIPS codes, ZIP code types, and most prevalent telephone area codes, including recent area code changes. You can easily incorporate this data into your own applications to look up the city and state based on ZIP code.

  • About 71,000 records (42,300 "preferred" records plus 28,700 "alias" records)
  • Includes alternate city names
  • Updated monthly
We update every record in ZIPList5 monthly, so you always receive the latest and most up-to-date data. You can't get more accurate and timely ZIP code data from any other source! We include the most recent area code changes in every update. We license our ZIP code data directly from the US Postal Service, and collect and cross-check all the other data continuously from a variety of sources, including NANPA, the telephone companies, and maps.

Record Layout
The fields are defined as follows:

Field Type Length
City Name Variable length 28 maximum
State Code Fixed length 2
ZIP Code Fixed length 5 numeric characters
Area Code Fixed length 3 numeric characters
County FIPS Fixed length 5 numeric characters
County Name Variable length 25 maximum
Preferred? Fixed length 1 ("P","A", or "N")
ZIP code type Fixed length 1 character (P, U, M, or blank)

The City Name field identifies a city name associated with the ZIP code by the USPS. There may be several different city names associated with a particular ZIP code. If so, the ZIP code will appear in several different records, each with a different city name.

The ZIP code field lists only valid 5-digit ZIP codes currently defined by the USPS. Obsolete ZIP codes which have been "retired" from service by the USPS are not included in this database. A particular ZIP code may appear in more than one record if the USPS has defined more than one city name for that ZIP code.

The area code is the "most prevalent" area code for that one ZIP code. If multiple area codes apply to that one ZIP code, only the primary area code is listed. Overlay area codes are not listed.

The County FIPS code is a 5-digit numeric field containing a unique numeric identification assigned to each county by the US government. The County FIPS code field and the County Name field identify the "most prevalent" county for the 5-digit ZIP code listed in a given record.

The Preferred? flag can have one of three states, which indicate how that name can be used for delivery of mail to the associated ZIP code. The three states are:

  • P - This is the preferred city name for this ZIP code
  • A - This city name is approved (but NOT preferred) for this ZIP code
  • N - The city name is NOT approved for mail delivery to this ZIP code
Some people object to using the "preferred" name specified by the US Postal Service; these people may instead use some other, locally preferred name. This can be quite confusing. Accordingly, we have included in the database these "alias" city names, along with the ZIP codes to which they apply. This means that a particular ZIP code may exist in a "preferred name" record and again in one or more "alias name" records.

The one preferred name record has the preferred field set to "P", while all alias name records have the preferred field set to "A" or "N". Note that in some cases a particular name may be preferred for some ZIP codes but an alias name for other ZIP codes. This frequently occurs when the exact political boundary between adjacent cities is obscure, leading people to use the two city names interchangeably within the boundary area.

The ZIP Code type field identifies special ZIP codes used for PO Boxes, companies, or the military.

Sample Records

City Name
Baileys Crossroads
ST Code
ZIP Code
Area Code
County Name
Salt Lake
Pref Code
ZIP Type

Click here to download sample records in comma-delimited ASCII (CSV) format.

Click here to download sample records in comma-delimited ASCII (CSV) format, compressed with WinZip.

Available File Formats (selected at time of download)

Comma-delimited ASCII (CSV) compressed and uncompressed
Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013
Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, 2013
dBase IV, Visual FoxPro

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